Private and Small Group Lessons


BRS High Performance Hockey offers one-on-one private lessons and small group semi-private lessons for players who are looking to improve their game. Our lessons are focused on skill development in the context of real game-like environments and can help you to improve in the areas of:

  • Skating
  • Stickhandling
  • Passing
  • Shooting
  • Contact/Angling/Checking

We go beyond the traditional skill development model of isolating skills and repeating them over and over without context. Instead, our lessons are focused on problem-solving skills. None of the five skills above are practiced or executed in isolation, but rather in cooperation with teammates, in competition with opponents and with the end goal of accomplishing a task.

If you have ever seen one of our lessons where players are jumping over PVC pipe, playing keep-away or playing a miniature hockey game, you may have wondered about the method behind this madness. This type of training is designed to go beyond out-dated and unscientific methods of practicing skills in isolation with no context for how they apply in a game. Our lessons force players to actually apply their fundamental skills to solve problems in the context of a game-like environment. The environment is shaped to pose specific “movement questions” that players work to answer (Questions like: How can you keep the puck away from that opponent? How can you get the puck from here to there without lifting it off the ice?). We don’t call them “drills,” which implies repeating a pattern over and over without any meaning, context or task-goal. We call them “skills experiences” because they are about the players learning through experience, learning by thinking, cooperating, competing and reacting and choosing the right skill to accomplish the task in a dynamic environment rather than a rigid drill with a pre-determined outcome.

Ask yourself, what makes a player perform well in a hockey game? Is it the player’s ability do an isolated skill over and over with no external pressure, or is it the ability to execute multiple skills at once at game speed in response to teammates, opponents and environmental constraints (IE, abstract constraints such as the rules of the game and physical constraints such as fixed boards and nets)? Remember, hockey is not like speed skating or figure skating. It is not about going fast in a straight line or looking pretty. Hockey is about performing a variety of skills at once, moving laterally in response to an opponent and accomplishing a task in the most efficient way possible given the constraints present during that unique moment of the game. Unlike traditional skill development methods where players are doing C-cuts in a straight line up and down the ice, or shooting with no pressure, our students actually learn how to use their skills in game-like scenarios.

While our methods are progression-based, they are not “linear” because development is not linear. While the experience and the environment are shaped to account for the needs of individual players, progression is not a rigid A-B-C-D sequence of movement patterns. This form of progression means introducing increasingly complex tasks into a player’s environment, it DOES NOT mean doing the same pre-determined drill with a puck or while skating backward. Not only does this method translate better to in-game performance, it is simply a more FUN way to train your skills! Ask any player who has done one of these lessons before and they will tell you: they are always asking for one more time through the circuit, one more rep, one more game. When was the last time you heard a player say that about a C-cut drill?

Finally, what makes our coaching different is that the program is designed to provide players with game-like environments and meaningful “skills experiences” rather than lots of pedantic talk about the coach’s ideal of “perfect technique.” Learning and skill development that transfers to games is mostly about a player solving problems and interacting with an environment; it has very little to do with a coach talking and “instructing.” Our lessons aren’t about the coach explaining every bit of skating mechanics in scientific detail. This kind of coaching just isn’t helpful in actually improving a player’s game. Rather, we create environments and experiences that are goal-driven, performance-oriented, meaningful and fun. We provide some basic instruction and then the players learn by doing, interacting and solving problems. Most of the work behind these lessons happens before the coach ever gets to the ice; it is the construction and design of the environment and the “skills experience” more than the explanation of the technique that really matters.

The skills development training at BRS High Performance Hockey is unique in Colorado and the Rocky Mountain region. You are unlikely to find similar coaching or program design in this area. We don’t train players to be good at drills, we provide experiences that make players good in games!

Rates and availability are subject to change. Please contact for the most current information and to schedule a lesson.