Team Training

Between the ages of approximately 8-13, your players are in “The Golden Age of Skill Development.” They are at a point where their physiological, psychological, social and emotional development makes them incredibly receptive to skill development. They are mature enough to be truly coached, but they are not so old that learning new motor patterns has become difficult. Their skills development window is wide open…but it will be closing soon. What are you doing to maximize the development of players before this key period in their lives is over?

Are you the coach of a youth hockey team looking to improve the skill development instruction that your players are receiving? Maybe you didn’t play the game at a high level (or at all) growing up and aren’t comfortable demonstrating powerskating drills or don’t know how to really teach a player to stickhandle effectively in a game. Are you committed to maximizing your players’ development, but not sure how to do it? Are you looking to go beyond searching the internet for drills and incorporating the somewhat limited resources that USA Hockey provides?

Are you the administrator of a youth hockey association with limited coaching resources? Do you have a limited number of experienced coaches and rely mostly on parent volunteers? Are you interested in improving the skills of your players and the skills development that your association is able to offer through practices, clinics and camps?

Are you the coach of a junior team that is in need of technical instruction to help your players execute the tactics you are trying to implement in games? Are you in need of a skills coach who can serve as an extension of your staff, working in sync with your vision to accomplish your goals?

If this is the case for you, consider taking part in BRS High Performance Hockey’s Team Training Program. Through this program, we will come to your rink and provide the skills development that you have been looking for on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly level. Whether you are looking for specific work on skating skills for a Peewee B team or are interested in incorporating reactive skills application and multitasking to take your Bantam A players to the next level, our Team Training Program can help your team or association offer cutting edge, performance-oriented and highly effective skill development programming.

For more information or to schedule team training sessions, contact today.